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            Thinking about all this job hunting i am doing lately. Its pretty trying. Lets see I did one job and over 200 people looking at the same job. I keep looking and a friend said keep being positive and you will get something. I know hes right but its really trying.


Job Hunt

            There is one job I appled for and over 200 people applied for it. I hoping they pick me. I really tired of applying for all these jobs and i don’t hear back.


Job Hunting

        Yes, I am looking for a new job to pay the rent and every thing else to have. The camp I’m working at is it paying enough but the hours are bad. And i planning on divorce my husband soon. He has been coming home really late and has been getting drunk and slapping… Continue reading Job Hunting


Great News (I Got The Job)

        I got the job at the summer camp i will be working with later this year. I am so happy. I hope some of the drama that is in my life is going to stop because i am tired of it. And if ti doesn’t it will be the end of a two year… Continue reading Great News (I Got The Job)



        I am tried of driving all over the place with Lifetouch, but also my husband is tired of me never been home. I get up at 3 in the morning and sometimes get back at 5pm. Also they have been saying they will give me more hours. I haven’t even seen the hours. So… Continue reading Lifetouch