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We all have challenges in weight-loss sometime friends support us and then they don’t. Why I use the stairs as a metaphor in challenges is I don’t let those challenges get in my way anymore. I take my challenges head-on. PCOS was a challenge at first I didn’t want to take it head-on alone but… Continue reading Weight-loss

LiveJournal · Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and Endometriosis Journey

100 day challenge

Join us for the 100 day challenge! Starting today, be purposeful in doing the same thing everyday for 100 days! (exercise, journal, pray, etc…) Mandy will be video blogging her journey here (starting later today.) Are you up for the challenge? Let us know what you are going to do here!! Over the next 100… Continue reading 100 day challenge



Working check, living life check. I guess i am just wondering when is mr right going to walk thought the doors. Never-mind mr. Right won’t walk thought the doors. If I am just sitting around waiting. After my ex husband life went okay for a few years and then lost some loved ones that I… Continue reading Life


Meant To Be

            A good friend of mine was in a car crash yesterday. And I am so happy that he made it out of that car & was unhurt and not killed or anything like that. I couldn’t bear if anything happening to him because I truly care about him and love him too. God I know… Continue reading Meant To Be



            When I say I love you to someone else It means so much more than what I am saying. That is who I have always I love you. I don’t say I love you for nothing, because it is not just a word it has meaning and it also can hurts the other person… Continue reading Loving

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I’m so Scared

            Something I am so scared and afraid of moving on with the my rest of my life without my exhusband, because I am thinking of so many thoughts are going inside my of my head. I don’t want someone to ever hurt me like my ex did. But I did get to talk to… Continue reading I’m so Scared