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The ABC’S Of Chrismtas

A is for Angels with halos so bright
Whose carols were heard
On that first Christmas Night
B is for Bells so merrily ringing
Joy to the world
Is the message they’re bringing
C is for Candles that so brightly shine
To give a warm welcome
To your friends and mine

D is for Doorway with garlands of green
To make Christmas merry
As far as they’re seen

E is for Evergreens with fragrance so rare
So plentiful at Christmas
Their scent fills the air

F is for Fun the whole season long
From trimming the tree
To singing a song

G is for Greetings a merry "hello"
With a heart full of love
For people we know

H is for Holly with berries so red
To make into wreaths
To hang overhead

I is for Ice on snow covered hills
Where sledding is fun
Along with the spills

J is for Jesus the Christ child so dear
We honor his birth
On Christmas each year

K is for Kris Kringle so merrily he stands
He is who they call Santa
In so many lands

L is for Lanterns I am sure that their light
Helped Mary and Joseph
That first Christmas Night

M is for Mary her heart full of love
For her little son Jesus
Who came from above

N is for Noel the angels did sing
To herald the birth
of Jesus, our King

O is for Ornaments so shining and bright
With lights on the tree
To sparkle at night

P is for Packages with ribbons so gay
All ’round the tree
For our Christmas Day

Q is for Quiet Christmas Eve Night
With snow covered hills
Glistening so bright

R is for Reindeer who pull Santa’s sleigh
To your house, to my house
They know the way

S is for Shepherds who first saw the star
Over Bethlehem’s manger
And followed it far

T is for Trees we decorate so gay
Then wait for ole Santa
To hurry our way

U is for Universe where Christmas brings joy
To all in the world
To each girl and each boy

V is for Visiting friends near and far
We travel by plane
Or by bus, or by car

W is for Wise Men who brought gifts so rare
And knelt down and worshiped
The child they found there

X is for X-mas or Christmas by full name
No matter the language
It all means the same

Y is for Yule Logs whose bright sparks fly high
To give a warm welcome
To friends passing by

Z is for Zeal we show at this time
In giving to others
And loving mankind

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