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Between Our Hearts

The heart reveals you feelings
And it will never lie to you
I never thought that I would feel
This pain I’m going through
Sometimes I want to give you up
I just want to walk away
But this feeling deep inside my heart is real
And it’s there to stay
I just love you so
I knew it from the start
There is no way to tell you
How you have touched my heart
I’ll always love you, my love
I knew it from the start
No matter what happens between us
There is a bridge Between our Heart
We may be different in so many ways
But what I feel for you, my love
Just simply can’t be phrased
I’d do anything for you
And I must confess
My love for you comes unconditional
And nothing less
You’ve placed your fingerprints
Upon this heart of mine
No one else has touched me there
Nor will throughout all time
I could never ever love another
The way that I do you
I need you in my life forever
I can’t imagine what I’d do
If I should ever loose you
There is no other one
That will ever take your place
I really do love you, my love
Jennifer Lathem


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