Letter to Dennis

Dear Dennis,

            Start to mind your own business for starters and you will be way better off in the long run with everyone in your life and people that you meet in life.

            We are also tired of you putting your nose and face where it doesn’t belong. Try this, if we ask your advice or input then give it but if we don’t then don’t give your advice or input beceacuse when you give it you look like you need to grow up and that you need to get your own life. Because you need to in the end.

            We are tired of you butt in on every conversation that we have. Try this if we don’t ask your input don’t say anything.

            Other thing is watch your tongue and actions. You never think about what you say or even do to other people. What you say does and do does have conscience and this is yours a wake up call.

            As a family we are tired of this. This is your family but if you keep this disappointing behavior and attitude up we won’t care or love to have you around plus we won’t love you unconditionaly. The one thing you have is your families love and support but we also have feelings and thoughts too. So keep it up you won’t even have that. We won’t regret this because we are regreting not stoping you sooner. So stop putting everyones believes ideas thoughts and dreams down. Stop talking about religion and politics we don’t do it with you so don’t do it with us. Stop and listen dont yell. When you yell we will yell back. So when we talk to you we are doing are part of listen but if you don’t like what we are talking about you get agressive with us.
             We want to live our lives in peace. Try to appreciate what you already have like your family, your job, and your life, because if you don’t you will have nothing and no real success. So when you are at Katie & Steve’s think about this, because you have a disappointing behavior and attitude and really no one wants to be around you. 
            This is tough love from your  family and in the end you will be thanking us if you really listen and do what we say.
Your Family

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