My Dream Guy

I want someone who is:
  • gentle,
  • Honesty,
  • gentleman,
  • sincerity,
  • trusting
  • genuine,
  • tenderness
  • loving,
  • nice a man not a child or boy,
  • not controlling,
  • know what he wants in his future with his goals and values,
  • who want to have a family,
  • who loves me for me,
  • someone that doesn’t put me down for ideas,
  • caring
  • Be Really Willing To Care, Love, Want And Need Each Other
  • Be Retreating With Respect
  • To Follow Through On What They Say
  • To Have Faith In Each Other
  • To Hear Each Other’s Dreams Out
  • To Hold Each Other
  • To Keep Their Word
  • To Keep The Promise That They Talk About
  • To Let Me See My Family And Never Keep Me Away From Them
  • To Let Me See My Friends Once In While
  • To Love Me Just For Me
  • To Never Be Abuse
  • To Never Be Afraid Of Showing Your Emotions To Each Other
  • To Never Be Afraid Of Showing Your Emotions To Each Other In Public
  • To Never Be Afraid To Say Anything That Is On The Mind
  • To Never Be Despiteful
  • To Never Be Put Down
  • To Never Cheat On Each Other
  • To Never Go To Bed Upset, Angrily, Fighting Or Mad At Each Other
  • To Never Stay Mad At Me
  • To Not Make The Other What They Don’t Want To Do
  • To Not Say If You Do Things And Then You Get My Love
  • To Not To Keep Checking Up On Me Every 10 Minutes
  • To Put The Past In The Past And Not Put It In The Present
  • To Stick Up For Me When It Is Important To Do So
  • To Talk Everything Over That Is Important
  • To Trust Each Other
  • To Be Someone Special In Each Others Lives
  • To Be Able To Make The Other Strong When They Are Weak
  • To Be Able To Hear And Listen As Each Other Is Able To Unveil Their Hopes, Their Love, Their Dreams And Their Hearts To One Another

This is what I had written in my bible and found it the other day again but this one is more updated.

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