Real kevin

            The real kevin dance that I know would lie to anyone. He even lied to me, his mother and father on how much he owns me. But what I really don’t get is he keeps lieing to them. All I know is I ask him everyday when are you going to tell your parents the truth on how much you really owns me. He said, "that they didn’t need to know on everything and if he did it will come out soon." well he even had me lie to his mother. I think what did he not learn. I told him though out our relationship do I ever do this lieing act to you. He said you have been honest with me since day one of are complete relationship. So I said what gives you the right to do this to me then. He never answered me. I still think my grandma was surprise when the truth came out how many time kevin choke me with his hands. So if you are reading this kevin dance please pay me back and be honest with your parents and stop saying what you think everyone wants to hear and be honest for a change in your life.

One thought on “Real kevin

  1. Again Sorry

    Again jennifer I am sorry for choking you along with not telling my parents the real amount that I own you. I promise I will pay the total $7,000.00.
    Kevin Dance


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