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My New Year’s Resolutions 2008

This is so afar, what I have or I haven’t done in my Life:

· I have never taking what I want, because people say it is not right for a lady to do that let the man be the leader

· Be married to the wrong person

· I Have lived for other people and now I don’t want do it anymore.

· I Have lived listen to people put me down.

· I have stop torturing myself with ‘What if?’

My New Year’s Resolutions Are:

· Get a better Job

· Lose Weight

· Pay Off Debt

· Save Money

· Get Fit

· Eat Right

· Get a Better Education

· Get Organized

· Learn Something New

· Reduce Stress

· Find the Right Person in My Life

· Take a Trip

· Spend More Time With Family and Friends

· Enjoy Life More

· Spend Time With Self

· Don’t let people run my life

· I will realize that real men do admit mistakes, do change course, and of anything get in the way of doing the right thing.

· Marry the right person of my dreams

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