MEN, BOYS, FELLAS, MALES, I’m am NOT talking about ALL of you so PLEASE don’t get mad…However, IF you do get mad or offended in any way shape or form…then you are probably guilty.
            IF you your at the club, and you see a girl your interested in and you go up to her and try to get her number and she say’s NO…LEAVE HER THE F*CK ALONE! stop asking why, and stop getting mad because she said no…it is SO annoying. I don’t like my arm getting pulled on and I don’t like getting questioned more than twice as to why I don’t want to give you my number…and if I tell you I have a boyfriend please don’t give me that WEAK ass played out ass line talking about "you can’t have friends…we can be friends"…the answer is NO! AHHHHH sorry, had to vent.

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