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Just When You Think You Have It All Figured Out Life Throws You A Curve And Makes You Think.
I Have Been Searching For Someone For So Long To Share My Life With I Actually Started To Give Up Looking But Then I Began To Think Things Over And This Is What I Found
Ive Searched The World High And Low
Looking For Love That Was Just So.
I Searched For Someone With Simliar Tastes And Styles
I Searched For Someone Who’s A Little Wild.
I Searched For Tall Dark And Handsome He Couldnt Be Found
I Searched For Someone From The Ground To The Sky
And Then I Began To Cry
I Felt As If There Was No One For Me
And Thats Not What I Wanted My Life To Be.
I Wanted To Share The Air I Breath With Someone Else
I Wanted This Or At Least I Thought I Did.
Then Things Began To Change
My Mind And Soul Rearranged
I Took A Deeper Look At Myself
And Realized Im Like No One Else.
Not Perfect Not Even Close
Not As Angelic As A Ghost.
Im Not Like Anyone Else
Ive Ever Met
Thats Why I Havent Found Him Yet
Im Searching For Perfection And
And It Will Never Be Found.
That’s When I Took A Good Look Around
I’m Special Because My Family And Friends Make Me Who I Am Im Unique Because There Is No One In The World Just Like Me I’m Not Perfect And Never Claim To Be The Person I Was Searching For Has Been Set Free It’s No Longer What I’m Looking For
My Heart And Soul Has Opened A New Door

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