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I’m so Scared

            Something I am so scared and afraid of moving on with the my rest of my life without my exhusband, because I am thinking of so many thoughts are going inside my of my head. I don’t want someone to ever hurt me like my ex did. But I did get to talk to an old friend and he said" learn from the past, but don’t life in it. Live in your future, because you live in the past you will miss out on what life really was to offer you."
            I am going to really try what he says, but i hope my future bf will never hold it against me if I ask, "are you upset with me, are you mad at me, do u hate me." Please god help this person be there for me without hitting me, choking me or getting so upset and giving up on me. Because sometime I just want to give up on living life. And it is so hard that someone wroke up my heart too. I just want to say thanks and you got me to realize i was in a loveless marriage.

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