Everyday A Piece Of Me Is Dieing

        Late last night I didn’t give him is dinner. Now he is upset with me, because of I strayed up working on my Journal. This morning, he said “Leave me alone & I’m not anything to you anymore.” That hurts me and it cut me like a knife in my heart. I can forgive him for it, because I know he was upset and not caring about me. I do most of the time place our relationship first before anyone or anything else. He problaby also thought I was playing a game on the computer yesterday night but, I was actually typing on my journal on the computer to get all my thoughts and feelings out and down on paper. So now he is more upset with me, because of it and that I wish he wouldn’t be like this morning. It didn’t help that he couldn’t get to his clothes then he said “I just might stop by the courthouse and get divorce papers” and that made me more upset with myself and then upset with him too. I know it was angrier talking not him talking to me, but now I need to change for the better for our relationship. I’m going to start keeping our bedroom as a love nest no more a rat’s nest. Also I’m going to give him his meals on time. Instead of waiting until he tells me he is hungry. Then I decided to give him his meals on time he told me to “leave him alone until the day he dies.” I honestly know this will pass, soon. That is what I going to remember.

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