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How Much Have I Changed in 10 Years?

You’ve Changed 92% in 10 Years

You’re practically a new person these days, and no one from your past may even be around to notice.
You’ve moved on, changed your life, and totally transformed your personality – probably all for the better!
How Much Have You Changed in 10 Years?

This is what has change for Me.
Lived in a different home Lived in a different city Had a different marital status Had a completely different financial situation (you were much richer or much poorer) Had a completely different hair color Had completely different career aspirations Had a different celebrity crush Had a different significant other Had completely different political views Had less piercings or tattoos Had a completely different weight (20 lbs difference or more) Had much different drinking habits Had a completely different circle of friends Lived with different people than you do now Didn’t use the internet Had a different education level Had completely different taste in music Didn’t drive (only if you drive now) Went by a different name / nickname Got along a lot better / worse with your family Dated a lot more / a lot less Didn’t have a cell phone (only if you have one now) Didn’t have a computer

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