Hand in Marriage from Daniel

It was this morning that I awoke with a clarity of mind. Wide-awake. Three-thirty in the morning. Rested. Questions and answers…Yes I do. I want to marry you. Yes I am overwhelmed; viscerally rushed. Paradox: Emotionally committed; financially unprepared. How to meet/provide for your needs? Differences in approach: I adore your spontaneity. My heart fills with joy. My sensibility sees a run-away train. Ease on the brakes. Cognitive dissonance: Hypocritical of me to give advice and act otherwise. We are not mutually agreeing. I am being led.
Being fully aware of the tribulations ahead and the reality of transcending them, Jennifer… In my way: “Jennifer…. I want us to become one. The same flesh. The same soul. With steady heart. Will you marry me! If so you will, it is with head on shoulders that we need proceed: A clear awareness of our days ahead firmly grounded in reality. I love you so. My heart wants to take over, bursting with passion for you. My mind needs to remain firm. Certain realities need to be in place so we can embark on this mutual journey, so that I can care for you as such my heart desires. You see I LOVE YOU SO that all I think and do must be guided by this love of mine for you: The joining of heart and mind: my soul
Train at proper speed: “Grandmother and Grandfather of Jennifer. I want to marry your granddaughter. With clear mind, and Jennifer’s well-being, in full respect and deference to YOUR LOVE for Jennifer, I wish your blessings upon us, if so you will.”
And such; with firm foundation, our feet on the ground,
let’s follow OUR dream….TOGETHER.

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